New England Wildlife Center
Preserving New England's Wild Legacy
Exotic Animals Veterinary Clinic (OPV)

The Wildlife Center owns the Odd Pet Vet, a 16-year-old exclusively exotic animal commercial veterinary practice.  All proceeds go to the Center to help with the care of wildlife and the delivery of education programs.  We see approximately 60 species of animals on a regular basis.  The more common the animal is, the more commonly we see it. There are several species that are queried about regularly that we do not see.  They include:  all forms of primates, fish,  and African clawed frogs.

An exam fee is $63.  If you have two of the same animal, the exam fee is still $63 (that is not a doubling of the fee, but a two for one offer).  If you bring three animals, we will charge you an extra $5 or $10 depending on how involved the extra exams are.  If you have twenty of the same animal call us and we will explain our collectors fees.  781-682-4878.

The Center appreciates your support.

OPV Flyer