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Intern Testimonials 2012


Alicia Hoenzsch

Why NEWC: Being a pre-vet student Alicia realized she didn’t have any Wildlife experience. NEWC was a convenient and accessible place for her to get the hands on experience she needed.

Prior Experience:   At the age of 16 Alicia started doing internships at various vet clinics in New York where she is originally from, her focus was on small animal. Then she went to college at UNH and transferred over to Northeastern. Through North Easterns Co-Op program Alicia has been able to do one internship at a small animal and exotic clinic in Walpole, MA, then at a canine rehabilitation center and has been able to shadow some of her local vets at home. Alicia has also traveled to Peru to work with spider monkeys for a week. The NEWC will be Alicias second Co-Op with Northeastern.

What have you learned from NEWC: Alicia has learned techniques on how to handle and care for local wildlife. She has found that the Necropsies have taught her some anatomical things that she has did not know prior to the NEWC. She finds that the more hands on learning has taught her a lot.

How are you enjoying NEWC: Alicia has been loving her internship at the NEWC. She finds that she has learned a lot and enjoys working along with the staff and other interns.

Abit about Alicia: Alicia loves to hang out with her pets, Charlie the rabbit and Olive the cat. She enjoys going for bike rides around the city and hanging out with friends.


Nicole Orlando

Why NEWC:  Nicole chose the NEWC because she felt it was different, it’s not just a regular small animal clinic, and felt, seeming she had worked with lab animals already was ready for some wildlife experience. She loved that NEWC had a lot of hands on training.

Prior Experience:   Nicole has interned at a small animal clinic in her hometown in Westerly, Rhode Island, and has worked at Mass General as a Research Lab Assistant. Nicole is currently in her final year at Emmanuel College in Boston, majoring in Biology with a Pre-Veterinary concentration.

How are you enjoying NEWC:  Nicole has been really enjoying her internship at the NEWC. She finds the Dr. Adamski has been great about educating the interns on the animals that come into the hospital. Nicole enjoys hearing what Dr. Adamski has teach about the anatomy, what’s happening with the animals that come it and how to treat the animals them. She really enjoys the fun dynamic of the NEWC and the full hands on learning experience.

A bit about Nicole:   Nicole has not only been expanding her education in science and biology but is also going through training to become a yoga teacher. When she isn’t at the NEWC she is doing yoga or studying and planning her wedding. For fun Nicole will enjoy going on hikes and spending time with her shelty, she really enjoys paddle boarding and being at the beach.


 Sarah Kuchinski

-graduated from Butler Univeristy in Indianapolis, IN in May 2012.

-Bachelor of Science in Biology with a chemistry minor

  Why NEWC:    The positon sounded really interesting. I felt like I would get a lot of exposure to wildlife and gain more hands on experience while working here. The educational component was also a draw. The website made the center seem inviting and a fun place to work. Reading the other intern testimonials showcased the variety of tasks, projects, activities and fun one would get have if given the opportunity to work here. The internship had great appeal to me for a number of reasons.

Future plans: Appling for other post-graduate internships; focus on gaining experiential opportunities that push me closer to my veterinary medicine and graduate study goals. Plan on applying for vet school in October 2013 or on conservation biology graduate program

What I have learned at NEWC:   Extensive husbandry for a variety of local wildlife- diet preparation—mammal, avian, and reptile

Triage—provide basic medical attention to wildlife patients

Assist veterinarian with procedures, administering fluids, medications, patient monitoring, surgeries, and x-rays,

Signs of certain illnesses and injuries, the function of medications we use, appropriate habitat types for wildlife, how human interaction affects wildlife livelihood

Basic handling tips, proper diet and enclosure types, and medical attention given to exotic pets

Etc. etc.

Past experience:   Veterinary nurse at Macquarie Animal Hospital in South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Keeper aide inter at the Smithsonian National Zoo in the Birdhouse

“Windows to Regulatory Research” intern at the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine

How do I like it:    LOVE it! I have learned so much from NEWC and have had a blast while doing it! I like getting both the wildlife and exotic pet experience. The people at the center are like no other. I’ve met so many amazing people and made some awesome friends. I have had so much fun throughout my time here. As an intern here, I have gotten a lot of hands on experience with various types of wildlife. I have learned many technical skills required to work in the veterinary field. Working here has given me knowledge, skills and a further recognition of what it takes to work in the animal field. I am really thankful for being given the opportunity to experience everything that is NEWC.



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