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Rehabilitation Course

The Wildlife Center conducts course about the field of wildlife rehabilitation.  This ten week course provides basic information about the process of becoming a wildlife rehabilitator, about the biology of selected groups of animals, and introduces participants to the skills necessary to conduct successful wildlife care.  (This course does not provide you with a permit to conduct wildlife rehabilitation.  Those permits are administered by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in accordance with 321 CMR 2.13 and by the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife.)

Our next class will begin September 28th, 2015. The class is held on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9 PM. The total cost of the course is $400. To learn more or to sign up please call us at 781.682.4878

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  1. Moira says:

    I am checking in about the Wildlife Rehabilitation Course that was possibly going to start mid August 2014. Is it still happening and if so how do I enroll?

    • Brodie Morris says:

      Hi Moira, I do not believe you have missed the opportunity to enroll, you can call the front desk at (781) 682-4878 for details about when the course begins next.

  2. Desiree says:

    Hey I would love to take the rehabilitation course, but is it online or and actual classroom? Also what is the course cost for the seven weeks?

    • Brodie Morris says:

      Hi Desiree, the course is in an actual classroom, and for more details about pricing you can call our front desk at (781) 682-4878 and ask for Nina Flaherty.

  3. Kaity says:

    I am reading that a June course has possibly already started…would there be another one in the fall?

    Please let me know when the next available course is or who I should contact.


    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Kaity, we do have regular courses, for more details you can call the front desk at (781) 682-4878 and ask our receptionist to connect you to someone who can help.

  4. Matthew says:

    Hi, I was wondering do you have to be a certain age to participate(I’m 12)? I was also wondering if you could possibly send me information about the course. I would love to do this for I love animals!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Matthew, I don’t believe there is any age limit to the course, but the person who you want to talk to is one of our staff members named Nina. She can give you more information about eligibility and the course in general. Just call (781) 682-4878 and ask for Nina.

  5. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if any dates where decided for the next rehabilitation course?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Ashley, I’m not sure if the dates have been finalized yet but you can call the front desk at (781) 682-4878 and check with them. I can also check for you on Monday if they aren’t sure at this point.

  6. Lauryn Richard says:

    Hi, I had a few questions regarding the wildlife rehabilitation course. I have no prior training/experience but this is something ive always wanted to do. Would any prior training/education be required before taking this course? I would love to learn more about this course. Highly interested :) thank you

  7. Molly says:


    I’m interested in the rehabilitation course. Are there dates yet for June? What is the application process? Where can I find more information?


    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Molly, We don’t have a date yet, but you can call our front desk and leave us your name and number and we can contact you. The Center’s number is 781 682 4878. You can speak with Mary Ann. Thanks. :)

  8. Lori Straley says:

    Hi Katrina,

    It looks like you might be planning a Wildlife Rehab training course for June in 2014? If so, or whenever the next available course is, could you add both me and my son, Devin, to your mailing list for advanced notification to sign up? My email is above, and his is We live in Vermont, so it will be a commitment for us, but it is something we’ve both wanted to do for a long time Summer is the perfect time to try to make it work! Thanks much, Lori

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Lori, That is a big commitment! I am going to ask you to connect with Nina Flaherty our Assistant Director to make sure that you are contacted and that we stay in touch. It’s a long way to come so let’s make sure we make it work. Nina’s number is 781 682 4878 x119. We look forward to meeting you. :)

  9. Moira Ashleigh says:

    Will there be a Spring wildlife rehabilitation course in 2014?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Moira, We are planning for the next date. We have several education programs launching this Spring. Looks like June may be the start, but we’ll let everyone know asap. Best, Katrina

  10. John Spofford says:

    Dr Mertz Runs a GREAT Course for people Looking to get into Wildlife Rehab.

  11. Emily Tran says:

    I would like to know when the next wildlife rehab training is that would allow me to get a permit.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hello Emily, The rehab training the the Center provides doesn’t give a permit. Only the State of Massachusetts can issue a wildlife rehabilitation permit. For more information about testing and permitting you can visit the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Website. The Center just finished our wildlife rehabilitation course. The next date hasn’t yet been set. We hold the classes twice a year. Thanks very much. Have a good night. :)

  12. John H. says:

    Is there any availability for the upcoming September course? This sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I am planning on taking your course in September. When can I sign up as I don;t want to miss out again? Thanks!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hey Elizabeth, Although we usually don’t sign folks up before the course is scheduled, you can give Nina Flaherty a call at 781 682 4878 x119 and she will make sure that you are included for the next course since you were not able to get in to the last one. If you have any questions, she will be able to help you. The dates for the course will go up in July. Best, Katrina :)

  14. Meaghan Sorce says:

    Hi Katrina,
    I am interested in taking the Rehabilitation Course, is there still one beginning in September? If so, what day and time is the class conducted?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Meaghan, We will for sure have dates by July and maybe sooner. We are trying to coordinate the veterinarians and technicians. You can sign up by calling the Center at 781 682 4878 and speaking to Nina or Maryanne after the dates are posted. Class size is limited and we will post the number of spots available too when we get organized. Thanks Meaghan! :)

  15. Alyssa Valois says:

    Can I take this program if I want to get a permit in Rhode Island?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Alyssa, The rehabilitation class provides general information. We don’t provide tests or permits of any kind. The next class will take place in September if you would like to join us. Thanks. :)

  16. Robert Geczi says:

    It’s great people are think about the animals, rehabbing them to eventually get back to living life.


  17. Elizabeth St.Germain says:

    I was under the impression that you were having a spring course but now it looks like that’s not happening. any idea if you will have anything before September?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hello Elizabeth, As of now we will not. You can also visit the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council’s website and see if they are holding a class before that time.

  18. Lydia Norton says:

    I was just there this past weekend for the course associated with the IWRC and I had a great time! I really really want to take the rehabilitation class that you offer there but I live in CT about 1 hour and 45 minutes away. I’m not sure it is feasible for me to drive up there and back every monday evening for 7 weeks. I would love it if the course could some how be offered on weekend days over 2 or 3 weekends. I would definitely come!
    You guys have a great facility and such friendly staff.

  19. Kella Woodard says:

    The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council has a basic wildlife rehabilitation course listed for this facility on January 26-27. I was wondering if that’s correct. If so, what is the difference between that and the one listed on this site? Thanks so much.

    • zak says:

      IWRC is conducting a course at our facility on January 26-27. NEWC ‘s course is an introductory course to the subject of wildlife rehabilitation for people who are considering getting a permit in the State of Massachusetts. It covers some of the laws, the application process, basic biology of wildlife, identification of some species, ethical care decisions, and release protocols. Thanks so much. greg

  20. Alyssa Prachniak says:

    Are classes held on every monday? and is the course all from books or is there any hands on leanring?

    • Dr. Adamski says:


      Hello. Yes, they are held every Monday. And, yes, there are practical labs to reinforce the hands-on skills and lecture/group discussion based learning. There is a link for a PDF file at the top of this page that provides details on the course including the schedule and class outline. I hope this answers your questions. Should you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email us back. SEEYA!

      Dr. Adamski

  21. Marianne says:

    I was wondering if you ever offer a weekend rehab course for those of us who live a little further away?

  22. Pat Bacon says:

    Is there ever going to be a session? I was so hoping the fall session would happen. What went wrong?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Pat, New England Wildlife Center will be running our next wildlife rehabilitation course beginning Monday February 4 and ending on Monday March 18. The course will run from 6:30 – 8:00 and costs $25 per session or $175 total. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact me directly at 781 682 4878. Katrina Bergman, executive director

  23. Elizabeth StGermain says:

    I am interested in taking your spring course. When do I need to register by and how do I pay? I am very excited about this course and can’t wait to start!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Not sure about Spring course yet. We are hosting a training though run by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. You can give our front desk a call and they will give you all the info about signing up. The number is 781 682 4878. We’ll post the timing of the Spring course too sometime in late winter. Hope to see you soon.

  24. Jules Summers says:

    Can I just register through the IWRC for the Rehab course in January?

  25. Pat Bacon says:

    Well, we are into the fall already and I have not seen any dates for classes. My assumption at this point is that you are not going to run the class. I am so disappointed. I hope there will be one eventually. Pat Bacon

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hello Pat Bacon, You are correct, there is no class this Fall. However, the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council is holding their wildlife rehabilitation training program at New England Wildlife Center in January. That will be posted as soon as all the details are available. You can also call the Center at 781 682 4878. Thank you.

  26. Alyssa P says:

    Do you need any kind of education or previous experience working with animals to take this course?

  27. Rebecca Nye says:

    When will the fall rehab course be held. I would like to register!
    Thanks. Rebecca

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Rebecca, I am not sure if we will be holding a fall rehab course. Usually, it is in the Spring. We will post on the website sometime in October. Hope that helps. :)

  28. Laura Paskavitz says:

    I, too, am interested in the next uppcoming class for wildlife rehab. Could you please let me know? And I’ll check back. Thanks so much! – Laura

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Laura, We will post here on the website. It will most likely be held in March or April. If you phone our front desk – 781 682 4878 – they will place you on a list and call you too. Hope to see you there!

  29. Sarah says:

    Hello, I was just told about this course from a friend, any chance there will be a class starting for the summer? I love wildlife, and would love to take this course. :)
    Thank you,

  30. Marissa Colson says:

    Hi Katrina, I too just discovered the course, and since there is only 2 classes left I was hoping you could email me when the next course is determined?

    Thank you!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Marissa, we will definitely post here on the website when the next course will be. Our front desk folks keep a list of people who are interested also. Your best bet is to call them and have them place your name on the list to make sure you get word. I will also forward your email address to them, but just to make sure. k:)

  31. Katrina Bergman says:

    Absolutely! Just come on in tomorrow. We’ll see you then. Give the front desk a call if you have any ? Have a good rest of your Sunday :) best, katrina

  32. John Spofford says:

    Currently seeking my Rehab Permit, is there a Course running soon ? I see nothing

  33. Kim Alemian says:

    Please let me know when you will be offering a course. I would love to attend and learn more about the wildlife around us and how to help.

    THanks so much!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Kim, We will be posting the dates on the calendar within the next week. It will be starting sometime in April, most likely, and will be held on Monday evenings. Glad you will join us. Best, Katrina

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Kim, The course is going to be held on Monday’s from April 2 to May 14 – 6:45 to 8:30. Hope to see you there!

  34. L black says:

    I also want to know when you will starting a class. There’s much information on the web. But having it all together on one site in a class form would be great. I wonder if you would start an online class? It would bring in more students do to the convence. I am finding many books are out of date, hard to find and go from 125 in poor condition to hundreds in good condition. Later maybe start a class at the center for the study guide for rehabilitation mass. Lisences? I believe Mass. could use more small animal rehabilitatiors.
    I’ll see about some bleach coming your way
    L black

  35. Rebecca Lynn Mayo says:

    Hi, I was wondering if a date had been set yet? I checked under “calendar”, but didn’t see any info on the classes for wild. rehab. I’m also having difficulty finding info re state to state licensing. I live in NH and if I took your classes in MA, would they be valid here in NH.? Is this a federal licensure which is valid nationwide? After completing the course, would I then take a federal exam to become licensed? Sorry, a lot of questions, LOL. Thank you very much :) Rebecca Lynn

    • NEWC says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for your interest in the course. No schedule has been set thus far, but in the past the class has been taught one night a week for several weeks. Licensing for wildlife rehabilitation is different state to state. In Massachusetts, you have to pass a written test and then show that you have proper caging and protocols to rehabilitate certain species. I am unfamiliar with the process in New Hampshire, but I would recommend calling one of the contacts from their website…

      Our classes are an introduction to wildlife rehabilitation and teach the basics of the biology, husbandry and rehabilitation of species in our area. They don’t officially qualify you for a license, but they do teach you some of the things that the state will likely test you on.

      I hope that helps.

      –NEWC Staff

  36. Jacqueline Gervais says:


    I am interested in learning more about the Rehabilitation course and the dates and times of the sessions but cannot locate the calendar on the website, could you send me some information?

    Jackie G.

  37. Lucille says:

    Hi Katrina,

    DO you know the dates of the wildlife rehab yet?

  38. Lucille says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Do you know what day of the week the next wildlife rehabilitation course wil be? Trying to plan around work schedule. Thanks so much !

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      I am so sorry Lucille, I don’t know, but most likely it will be on a Monday – late afternoon or early evening. You can check the web or give a call to the front desk at the end of August. Hope that helps.. best, katrina

  39. Carina Barros says:

    I would like to receive information about the next rehabilitation course, dates and requirements, please.
    Thank you

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Carina, We are hoping to run another course this fall. Information about dates and rates will be posted on our calendar in September. There are no requirements. Thanks for your interest and I hope we see you there. Best, Katrina

  40. Nancy DIGiovanni says:

    I would like to know when your next wildlife rehab training is. I have already passed my rehabber exam and I sent in my application for my permit. I am very interrested in getting hands-on experience (via the training series or in some other fashion). I have my pre-rabies vaccination series (in case that helps at all). Thank You.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Nancy, Thanks for your question. We are planning our next course for the fall. It will be posted on our webpage too. I am also going to follow up with you directly via email.

  41. Katrina Bergman says:

    Glad it was helpful. Hope following posts will be too. Tell us what you want to learn about and we will do our best. Have a good day! katrina

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