New England Wildlife Center
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Goods and Services Wish List

Below are items that we always need:



Heating pads (NOT auto-shutoffs)
Whole frozen fish – 6 in.
Meat baby food in jars Bottled water – personal size
Exact baby bird food Gauze pads – 4 inch+
Latex or vinyl gloves Dawn dishwashing soap
Electric heating pads Plastic spray bottles
Batteries – 9 volt and AA Hand sanitizer
Liquid bleach Scrubby sponges
Copy paper Tupperware with lids
Manila file folders – standard size Vitamin B tablets
Pens Refrigerated cookie dough
Sharpie markers Fish food
Post It Notes Ceramic heating lamps
Trash bags – 39 gallon Food and water dishes for reptiles
Zip-Lock bags UVB full spectrum bulbs
Paper towels Kleenex tissue
Folding chairs Paper plates
Fresh greens – no iceberg lettuce Paper coffee cups – No Styrofoam
Peanuts and pecans in shells Coffee
Reptomin turtle food Soda – cans
Construction paper
Cutlery & stirrers
Couches – good condition (no sofa-beds)
Animal carriers/cages – no rust please
Clean towels
Stop & Shop gift cards

Thank you for thinking of us, but we cannot use newspapers, yogurt containers, comforters, fur coats, expired medicines and foods.

In addition we welcome pet caging, carriers, aquaria and other durable pet supplies.  These will be sold in our Long Tail Store to help us care for wildlife and provide education programs.

Click here to download the NEWC Wishlist


42 Comments to “Goods and Services Wish List”

  1. Terry Smith says:


    Are you guys interested in some sort of physical help? I have a bunch of students that might be interested in things like this.

    All the best,

    • Brodie Morris says:

      Hi Terry, we definitely function as an organization based largely on a strong volunteer support group. We love to have new people come help us care for wildlife, if you’re interested in a special set up then you can call our main desk at (781) 682-4878 and ask for Zak Mertz or Nina Flaherty, and one of them should be able to work something out with you. If you want to just have people volunteer on a general basis then you can check out the volunteer tab on our website, it has all the relevant information. Best wishes!

  2. leslie says:

    do you have a use for small fleece blankets and some sheets?

  3. James Kerg says:

    Good list and I hope that you do well. For my Biology major I was able to help a wildlife community in my area and I wish to help as well. Are you guys open to have volunteers?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi James, we do take volunteers, you can download the application from our website under the volunteer tab and then bring it in during our training session which happens the third Saturday of every month and the Friday the day before it. Hope to see you around!



  5. Ashley says:

    Hello, I am setting up a donation fundraiser for NE wildlife. Is the wish list up to date? I would also like to know how to set up a field trip in the spring. Is there someone I can e-mail or speak to about making this possible? Thank you!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Ashley, Absolutely! You can call Nina Flaherty at 781 682 4878 x119. She will double check the wish list and talk to you about setting up a field trip. Thank you so much for your help. :)

  6. Maryrose says:

    HI I have a quick question! I have decided to completely give up wearing real fur. I have heard of donating fur to animal rehab places to be used as bedding for baby animals. I do not just want to throw it away I would like to have it go back to the animals in some way. Is this something you guys would want as a donation?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Maryrose, Thank you so much for thinking of us but we don’t use fur because we can’t keep it clean. Babies are very messy. But thanks for the thought. :)

  7. Colleen says:

    Do you use or need the knitted or crocheted baby bird nests? The wildcare rescue in CA and VA use them, but I’d rather donate closer to home, if you do.

    I have the patterns, and they say they prefer washable, as they machine wash them between nestlings and dense to stand upright, unsupported, and to protect toes.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Colleen, we absolutely do need those, that would be incredibly amazing if you could make some, we would be so grateful and it would really help us with baby bird season right around the corner. Machine washable is definitely preferable, because we also wash all of our bedding between patients. Thank you so much for the offer!

  8. Karen says:

    Does your staff need blank cds? I have almost two full spindles of cds. Would like to find a non profit that can use them.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Karen, we would love it if you donated those to us, I just asked a few staff members and they all said they are in need of blank cds. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

      • Karen says:

        Great. There are about 100 jewel cases too. Let me know if you do not want those. If you do want them there is no need to reply, they will be included with the cds.

  9. Jane says:


    I was wondering if you could use 2oz and 4 oz baby bottles. They are almost brand new. They were used only once to store breast milk. My son was a preemie and wasn’t able to drink from a bottle or nurse during his first few weeks of life so I was pumping to keep my supply strong. They are clean and have screw on covers but no nipples. I was thinking you could use them to feed baby animals or as small storage containers. Let me know if you could use them.

  10. Kate Dircksen says:

    Did you know which snake may be the longest?

  11. Hi Guys, I watched the ‘imping’ video and am hugely impressed with what you do. I am an Australian wildlife artist and the lead illustrator for the iBird series of Apps (for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc) based in San Francisco. I also produce work for zoos etc both here and in the US.
    If you need the services of a wildlife illustrator (I specialise in Birds, but can draw most things), I would be happy to volunteer my services free of charge. I don’t have a huge amount of free time (I’m currently re-doing the entire NA bird catalogue), but if I can fit it in i’d love to help. Please email or call me. My work can be seen on my website: , or at, the iBird website. I wish you the very best in your wonderful endeavours, you are an inspiration!

  12. karen rapallo says:

    Thanks Katrina for your reply regarding Amazon. However I do not see a direct link to the NEWC site. Someone should be able to just click from the NEWC site.

  13. karen rapallo says:

    Katrina please comment on my message about linking the wishlist to AMAZON.COM I also wanted to say it is a very quick and easy way for people to donate items from the WISH list especially for people who live far from the center from the center but want to help. You may have to contact AMAZON to find out how to link it and pick your items you want to post.Amazon customer service is 866-216-1072

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Karen, Yes we have our wish list on Amazon. Thanks so much for the message. I hope you are well. Amazon wish list has been great for us! Zak Mertz handles it for us. If you have any tips for him, he can be reached at the Center 781 682 4878. If you ever need to reach me quickly, my ext. is 122 and my colleague Nina Flaherty is 119. Very best, Katrina :)

  14. karen rapallo says:

    Just wanted to let someone know that the NEWC wishlist can be linked to Visitors to the website can click on what is needed and Amazon ships it directly to the wildlife center.Many animal charities are doing this. I first found it on The Blind Cat Rescue Site.Even some medical supplies such as sterile gauze and bacitracin can be on the wishlist.

  15. toner hp says:

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  16. Ashley says:

    Hi, I coordinate and after school program in Quincy. I want to do a community fundraiser at my site for the wildlife center. Is the list of items updated? I don’t want to get items that you do not need.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Ashley, I believe it is, but I have someone double checking it and adding anything new. Thank you so much for helping the Center! I hope you and your after school kids can come in and see us. The Center is a great place for them to come after school. :)

    • zak says:

      Hey Ashley,
      Thanks for the support! The list of items on the site is up to date, and the things that are most helpful to us are cleaning supplies like bleach, paper towels, garbage bags, and latex gloves. Additionally, we have started an amazon wishlist ( found at: ) which has medical supplies and other “reach” items we wish to recieve. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we can discuss things further. Thanks again!

  17. Mary says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I was wondering if you would have any use for some old sheets, towels and blankets to line the cages. I would be more than happy to drop off these items to your facility.

  18. Donate?
    I have a 20 gal fish tank and stand and related materials along with several small fish tanks, hamster cage that I would be intersted in donating. Where can I drop them off?

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Peter, That sounds terrific, thank you. You can drop them at New England Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street, South Weymouth. Our phone is 781 682 4878. We are open 10-4- 7 days a week. Give us a buzz before you come so that we can make sure someone can help you unload. Thanks again for thinking of the Center. Best, Katrina

  19. Karen says:

    Do you want sheets?
    Wish I knew what toner you used. :)

  20. Karen says:

    Do you need office paper organizers? Wire paper trays? As we go digital these items are not needed at work and we will be getting rid of them. They are in great condition.

    I think you should also state what toner you use for printing.


    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Karen, We can use a few organizers and trays, but not a ton. There aren’t that many of us and storage is getting tight. Thanks for the pointing that out about the toner. I will add it! Thank you very much for your help!! :)

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