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Birthday Parties

Make it a happy one!  A birthday party that will always be remembered!  Leave the confusion and mess to us.  The casual interesting setting of the Center is the perfect place to hold birthday parties for young and old alike.

Parents are discovering an exciting new alternative to the same old birthday party ideas.  They’ve learned that a party at the New England Wildlife Center is a gift in itself, an experience that their children will remember for years.

Each party is assigned a staff person who will facilitate your event.  They help you unload, decorate, load, set up, and welcome your guests.  They will give a theme-based presentation about the Center and its animals. They will also make your birthday star feel special.

Fees and Themes:

There is a party minimum of $120 that covers up to 10 children. Each additional child is $12. Parents and infants party for free. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required.

You are responsible for bringing and arranging for food, cakes, drinks, utensils, and other refreshment items.  There are kitchen facilities available for keeping foods cold and organized.

Call us today for your next party whether for kids, teenagers or adults.  For further information please call 781-682-4878 to schedule an event.

21 Comments to “Birthday Parties”

  1. Kelly Fogg says:

    Hello – I would like to look at the options of scheduling a 5 yr old birthday party on 2/23? Please let me know if that date is available.

    Thank you, Kelly

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Kelly, I will ask Steve Martin our birthday party coordinator to email you. Alternatively, you can call the Center at 781 682 4878 and leave a message for Steve. Look forward to seeing you. :)

  2. Maria says:

    I’m interested in having my daughters 5th birthday party can some contact me I have a few questions.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Maria, I will forward your request for information to Steve Martin. If you want to contact him directly please call 781 682 4878. For general questions, folks at our front desk can help you. There is also a page on the website about birthday parties if that is helpful. We’ll talk to you soon. Have a good weekend!~

  3. Dawn says:

    I left a message for Steve but very excited to hopefully have my 2 kid’s double party there on Jun 2. Hope it is not booked yet! The center is the best place!

  4. Katherine says:

    Hello, I am interested in having my daughters 3rd birthday here. it would be April 14th which is a Sunday. Does $13 per guest mean just kids or everyone attending? Thank you for any info you can give me.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Katherine, Just kids :) Thank you for your interest in having your daughter’s 3rd birthday with us. Steve Martin books and runs our parties and is known affectionately at the Center as “Safari Steve”. He can be reached at 781 682 4878 x126. Hope to see you and your family soon. :)

  5. michele says:

    Is it possible to book a party & bring in my own Herp specialist? I’ve seen this young man at other parties ( your herpe group may even know him) He’s fantastic & that way I can support 2 causes..


  6. Michelle toy says:

    Hi are u available this coming day for a birthday party and what are the hours

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Michele, New England Wildlife Center is closed today and will open tomorrow if the Massachusetts driving ban is lifted after the snow storm. You can book a birthday party by calling Steve Martin at 781 682 4878 x126. Our hours are 10-4 Monday – Friday. Best, Katrina

  7. Sherri Gunville says:

    I’d like to have my daughfer’s birthday at your facility for the second time!
    Do you have time available on Sat., 2/23?
    Thank you!

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Sherri, Give us a call at 781 682 4878 and we’ll be happy to schedule something for you. Steve Martin is at x 126 and he has the schedule. So glad you are coming back again! Best, Katrina

  8. we are throwing a field day to celebrate Avon turning 125 yrs old and we are looking to have many different events on June 8th. would you come to our field day or do you strictly have people come to you? thank you

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Donna, Thanks for the invite! It depends on our volunteer’s availability, but we’d love to be a part of it if we can. Best thing is to call Steve Martin at 781 682 4878 x126 and talk with him. Thanks again.

  9. Andrea Moreland says:

    Hi I was looking for a place to have my daughters 3rd birthday. How long do we have>? and are children the only guests who count for 13.00/guest? Are goody bags included? thank you Andrea

  10. Suzy Waas says:

    I am looing for a venue for my daughters 4th Birthday party in October. Possibly on Sunday October 14th. What kinds of animals would be around then? Also – how much time would we have there?


    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Suzy, We would love to host your daughter’s birthday party. Turning 4 is a big deal! The best thing to do is view the birthday party summary on this website or to call Sam at the wildlife center – 781 682 4878 x126. There are lots of animals to see – the raccoons being the best, we think! – whatever patients are in our hospital and our resident reptiles and education animals. Hope to see you soon. :)

  11. Nitsa Olivadoti says:

    I left a phone message as well on this. i was interested in having my daughters 5th birthday party at your facility. her actualy birthday is july 11th so looking for sometime that works that week. if someone could call me to further discuss, that would be great!
    thanks so much
    Nitsa olivadoti

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hello Nitsa, We would love to have your daughter celebrate her 5th birthday with us. 5 is a big deal – will she start school in September? Nina or Kyle will contact you . For future help, Nina’s is at 781 682 4878 x124. Best regards, Katrina

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