New England Wildlife Center
Preserving New England's Wild Legacy

When we designed the new Center we created our lobby as a place for artists to express the connection between life on Earth and the human community.  We had a sympathetic ear in our architectural team, Strekalovsky and Hoit.  Cvey Strekalovsky, our team leader is a well-known South Shore artist.

Eleanor Whitney, one of the Center’s stalwart volunteers, has from the day we opened our doors, used the lobby as a satellite studio for her oil painting.

Younia Kowal, a power force in art, art education and architecture, is an extremely valuable part of the artistic piece of our Center.  She has created T-shirts, post cards, name tags, flyers, wall graphics, exhibits, and even “Araquon Lodge,” an authentic full-sized Wompanoag longhouse in our Weezie Nature Center.

We now also offer a “window art” program.  Artists and budding artists can create art on the many windows of the Center. Additionally, the Center hosts different types of camps and groups such as Go Kids Art Camp and the Wild Things playgroup, all of whom have the opportunity to practice, refine, or express their artistic  abilities around our building.

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  1. Linda says:

    I was wondering if you are still having the weekly sketching sessions? what age range are they for and when are they? Also I have a young girl who has just graduated college what is involved in showing art and if you sell something who gets the money? Thanks for your time.

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Linda, We run ‘Paint the Patients’ with volunteer “artist-in-residence” Eleanor Whitney at 1 on a few Saturday’s or Sunday’s each month. It isn’t a sketching session. It is an opportunity for kids and adults to use finger paints to paint wildlife or other images on our windows. The times are posted on the Center’s online calendar. Right now the Museum of Bad Art is having an exhibit at the Center. We will absolutely showcase art for the public to see and can provide your artists contact information, but we don’t sell art. If you have any questions, please contact Nina Flaherty at 781 682 4878 x119. Hope that helps! :) Thanks very much.

  2. Hi! Do you ever have local New England artists display their work here? I’d love to share my work with you for a short display if it’s possible. :)

  3. K. Hope Vallarelli says:

    Is any of the art on display at The Center for sale?
    I’ll keep looking, but are these t-shirts, etc. that you mention for sale via your Website, as well? I am very interested in supporting this cause, and know many people who might be interested in things like t-shirts.

    Thanks, Hope

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Yes! Absolutely, art is for sale and other items. We have a list of things on sale in the store, as you saw on this site. As of now you have to call or come in to purchase, unfortunately. But we are working on it. For more information please call nina (x124) or joan (x121) -781 682 4878. Thanks so very much.

  4. Gary Samuelson says:

    We couldn’t find an address for your facility on this web site. Where are you?

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