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Green Building

At the New England Wildlife Center being green means making conscious, deliberate and effective actions to reduce our impact on the natural world.

The Center used green design and construction and maintains our building with green processes.  Some are rudimentary and some are sophisticated.  Open windows, streaming sunlight, a room-by-room computerized heating and cooling system, and an ancient Algonquin longhouse, which houses a state-of-the-art video-casting theater , all work together to create a sustainable green facility.

This building, the Thomas E. Curtis Wildlife Hospital and Education Center, was conceived and built by the Center in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards at a time when there were only forty-two LEED buildings in the world.

LEED Feature Summary

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  1. Alice Huvac says:

    Very good to hear that most of the people already think about environment when building their houses.

  2. bricks2home says:

    Green buildings are building to reduce the use of energies comparing with other usually constructed buildings and LEED certify these buildings.nice blog.

  3. Everyone is going green. Loving it! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Katrina Bergman says:

    Thank you! Have a good day!

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