New England Wildlife Center
Preserving New England's Wild Legacy
Board of Directors

New England Wildlife CenterĀ Board of Directors

Gregory A. Mertz, D.V.M.
New England Wildlife Center

Susan Delahunt
Senior Vice President Century Bank
New England Wildlife Center

Vice President:
Teresa Hill
SRS Communications, LFEE (ret.)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter T. Brown
Certified Public Accountant
KAF Group

Beverly Smith
Founding Member

Katrina Bergman
Executive Director

Joe Flaherty
Attourney at Law

Keith Wells
Senior Consultant
Biologics Consulting Group

Tom Shields
Co-founder of Shields and Company



10 Comments to “Board of Directors”

  1. shane cairns says:

    My daughter is thinking of doing veterinary in college (long time away) – do you still think its a positive career choice?

  2. Hello!

    Random email here. I am a development TV producer at Crybaby Media always on the hunt for new shows. Currently we are doing a search for a large cable network in the Wildlife Veterinarian space. We are looking for a wildlife vet with lots of knowledge and a fun personality who gets called on help for all sorts of a different animals in different predicaments.

    Maybe you work for a national park, maybe you don’t… Whatever it is, we want to hear more about your day to day and tell you more about the show! Give a call or email anytime. Look forward to chatting!

  3. Hello! I am a currently a former volunteer (planning on returning during the summer, and interning next next spring through NCAHS) of the NEWC and I have a question about contacting Dr. Mertz. I have found that around the site, the contact info lists Dr. Mertz’s proffessional email as ‘’. Is the ‘gerg’ part a typo amongst the site, or is it his actual email?

    I’m hoping to use Dr. Mertz as a reference for my resume, and would like to have a viable email contact. Thank you for Reading! NCAHS Student Breanna-rose L.

  4. Eric Page says:

    Hello, I have a random question about borrowing a book. I am interested in taking an online ornithology class through Cornell Labs. However, it requires the Handbook of Bird Biology, 2nd edition, which is out of print, hard to track down locally, and very expensive for the ones I have found full retail. Cornell suggested I reach out to local Wildlife organizations to see if they have any that could be borrowed or loaned. Since NEWC is the best I know; I was hoping you could help. Kind Regards, Eric

  5. Nina Grohmann says:

    Dear future colleague,
    My name is Nina Grohmann and I am studing Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia(Italy). I am writing to request your help with an important project. I am conducting a survey on raptors anesthesia because I will use the data for my thesis.
    So I hope to recieve your useful help. If you want I will send you my thesis when it will be finished. Your answers will be completely confidential, in fact, also if I ask for structure’s name it is only to well organize data but on the thesis I will not speak about the single structure. The survey will take from 5 to 30 minutes in base of your answers.
    To complete the survey online, please go to this link:

    Thank you in advance for your participation in this project. If you have any questions about the administration of the survey, please contact me at this e-mail.
    Yours faithfully,
    Nina Grohmann

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