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Baby Season is Here!
By: zak
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A Babay Eastern Grey Squirrel gets his morning feeding in the Center's Quiet Baby Ward

A Babay Eastern Grey Squirrel gets his morning feeding in the Center’s Quiet Baby Ward


We’ve turned the corner into April and Baby season is beginning right on time. Each spring hundreds of species of wildlife in New England give birth to their young, and soon our hospital will be flooded with baby squirrels, raccoons, opossums, songbirds, eastern cottontails, and many other young critters. This means it’s all hands on deck for our hospital staff and interns who will be charged with administering meds, cleaning cages, and of course the round the clock feeding regiments.




“It is a lot of work, but it’s a great learning experience and working with baby animals has been very rewarding.”

says hospital Intern Sarah, who is currently perusing her Undergraduate degree from Boston University.

This spring and summer the Center will treat hundreds of sick, injured, and orphan babies, from all over New England and when they are ready we will release them back to their native environments. This is an especially exciting time of year for us and we encourage people to come tour our facility and learn about these little critters first hand. Thank you for your interest and support, and don’t forget to check our calendar for upcoming events and programs.


If You Find a Wild Animal check out this link for more information

11 Comments to “Baby Season is Here!”

  1. Cindy Miller says:


    My dogs got a juvenile squirrel last week. It was very shocky, but didn’t seem to be injured (no blood or obvious damage, anyway). From everything I can find online, I’d guess it’s about 9 weeks old (full fur, tail curled over his back, teeth top and bottom).

    Given its shocky condition, and no visible parents, I brought it in, and fixed it up an enclosure with towels, cotton strips and a heating pad underneath one side on low (which he always curls up over). I’ve been feeding it a blend of Esbilac, water, and heavy cream 3x day in a syringe. It takes about 13 cc/feeding. Sleeps a LOT – not a lot of play yet, but there’s no physical reason for that.

    I’d love to release the little guy, but am concerned – he’s refusing any kind of solid food (broccoli stems, carrots, ground-up nuts). In the absence of parents, and given that the nights are still pretty cold, if he won’t eat solid food, it doesn’t seem like he’s in a position to fend for himself yet.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    Cindy Miller

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Cindy, Only wildlife rehabbers licensed by the state of MA are allowed to care for wildlife. If you are a rehabber, give us a call at 781 682 4878 and one of our veterinary technicians can assist. Either way, you are welcome to bring him into us tomorrow, Sunday. Very best of luck.

  2. Nancy Diettrich says:

    I just rescued a baby squirrel from my cat. He’s about the size of a chipmunk but I’m not sure he’s old enough to fend for himself. Right now I have him in a cage with water and food (sunflower seeds and pieces of corn – they eat it out of my birdfeeder all the time). I’m not even sure he’s old enough to eat this.

    Is he old enough to take care of himself if I release him away from the cats. (I live on the edge of the Braintree Town forest.


    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hi Nancy, If he is wounded, definitely he should come to us. If not, best thing for him is to leave him where you found him -and see if mom will come get him. Keep kitty in doors so he’ll be more likely to be safe. If mom doesn’t get him within a few hours, you can bring him to the Center tomorrow morning. We open at 10 am and can take him. We always try to keep wildlife wild if we can. They have a much better chance of survival. Best of luck, katrina

      • Nancy Diettrich says:

        Hi Katrina, Thank you for your response.

        I found him in my dining room. So I don’t know where to put him. He appears to be unhurt. (I tried bringing him out yesterday but he seemed in shock and very confused) I kept him in a cage in my bedroom last night. He did make some distress calls but eventually dug into the cedar shavings I gave him and went to sleep. He talks too.

        He LOVES my bread. (Home made with dried cranberries in it). So he’s not starving. Since things are fairly quiet this morning with the rain, I may bring him outside.

        Unfortunately I work today at Stop & Shop (9-1) then do my own shopping afterwards so I can’t bring him to you. I would very much prefer that to just putting him back outside. I know they are social and I can’t just keep him in the house. (Not to mention the stress from the cats being around.)

        I’ll try your suggestion when I get home today and see if mom comes for him. There are some that visit my bird feeder so they’re probably his parents.

        I’ll check the website when I get home for any further advice.
        Thank you.

        • Katrina Bergman says:

          Hi Nancy, Putting him outside to see if mom will come find him is truly best for him. If she doesn’t, you can bring him in to us. We open tomorrow, Sunday at 10 am. Best of luck, Katrina

          • Nancy Diettrich says:

            Hi Katrina –
            When I got home the cats had cornered another one. I’ll try putting them out where the cats can’t get at them. (I would rather the cats stayed in but I’m not going to get into it now)

            If the mom doesn’t come for them I will definitely bring them to you tomorrow. I’m so glad you’re open.
            Thank you

          • Nancy Diettrich says:

            I took both babies out in a small box which I placed on a lawn chair and opened after I’d brought the cats in and blocked their egress.

            I went out about 1/2 hr later and both babies were gone. I looked around and didn’t see them so hopefully mom came for them.

          • Katrina Bergman says:

            Hi Nancy – That would be the best possible outcome! I hope mom got them and they are back with her tonight. Nice job. We will still be here tomorrow if you need us. Best, katrina :)

  3. Jennifer Saker says:

    Hello, I have abandoned baby bunnies in my yard. I know they are abandoned because my dog caught & killed the mother tonight. My dog also killed two of the babies, but I was able to return one to the nest. I do not know how many more there are on the nest. I am going to be in Hingham on Sunday and was wondering if I should try to bring them in. I know their chances are slim, but I hate to think of them starving to death. They are very small and I think the eyes are still closed. Please call me at 617-308-9580 or email me. Thank you so much for all the work you do! I am just devastated by this, even though I now it was my dog’s instinct :(
    -Jennifer Saker

    • Katrina Bergman says:

      Hello Jennifer, That is so sad. :( Yes, we are open for admissions and I would advise that you bring them as soon as possible. We are located in South Weymouth at 500 Columbian Street. Our phone number is 781 682 4878. Admission hours are 10-2. I’ll send you an email too. Very best, Katrina

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