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Coyote Release!
By: Greg Mertz, DVM

Photo: Here he is, looks so much better doesn't he?  He is going into his eigth week with us and he is doing great. </p><br /><br /><br /> <p>This young coyote is set for release next week, and will be undergoing his last round of treatments over the next few days.<br /><br /><br /><br /> As you can see, he has regrown all of the fur he lost on his face and back, and has become much more alert and attententive. </p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Veterinarians and vet staff are continuing to give him nutritional support so that he is at a healthy weight for his return to the wild. Tonight's menu? - a mixed fruit plate (coyotes are omnivores after all, and blueberries are his favorite) topped with some chickens and a savory baby mouse garnish, delicious no?


I wanted to let you all know that the adolescent Coyote we’ve been treating in the hospital was successfully released yesterday! After a two month recovery at the Center he was given a clean bill of health and was discharged back into the wild. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife issued the Coyote an eartag to help them track  and better understand the biology and behavior of these amazing animals. Thanks to all the hardwork and support from the New England Wildlife Center community this guy is back at home tonight happy and healthy, Thank you all so much!



8 Comments to “Coyote Release!”

  1. Anna says:

    awwww so good to see him go!!! Hi guys, nice job!!! (This is anna the past intern btw!) his picture is still the background on my phone :)

    • Dr. Adamski says:

      Why hello there “former intern Anna!” 😛 It was brilliant to hear from you. :) The sarcoptic mange coyote was definitely one of our better success stories this season. Thanks for all of your hard work and assistance in helping him get better! I hope you have a marvelous New Year! SEEYA!

      Dr. Rob

  2. claudia says:

    great little lesson about parking lots by ZACK, man about town, and really articulate compared to when he was 11, heh heh heh;)

    and boy did that coyote hustle!!!!!!!!!! just like the cartoon!!

  3. Cheryl Schaefer says:

    Thank you for helping this very special, & beautiful Coyote, to be released back into the wild! (“”) (“”)

  4. Abbie says:

    Congratulations, team! Thank you for taping the release!

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